Insights into mobility of tomorrow for new district president

Kassel (11 February 2022). The new district president of the Kassel administrative district, Mark Weinmeister, visited the headquarters of the HÜBNER Group as one of his first company visits after taking office. The focus of his exchange with HÜBNER’s General Manager Helge Förster was on the challenges currently facing the mobility industry and the businesses located in the northeast region of Hesse. In addition, the district president was given an insight into the production of gangway systems for the road vehicles business unit in Kassel-Waldau.


District President Mark Weinmeister (center) at HÜBNER with Managing Director Helge Förster (right) and Uwe Bittroff, head of HÜBNER's transition systems for road vehicles division. Photo: HÜBNER/Uwe Zucchi

“We are pleased to welcome Mark Weinmeister as the new district president here with us at the Kassel headquarters of the HÜBNER Group so soon after he’s started in this position. During the visit, we’ve been able to share the concrete contributions that HÜBNER is making to the mobility of tomorrow with our new developments and products,” emphasized General Manager Helge Förster.

District President Mark Weinmeister pointed out: “The HÜBNER Group is a model of entrepreneurial success and an important employer firmly rooted in northeast Hesse. It is interesting and also impressive to see how passionately people here in Kassel are working on technologies for future-oriented mobility. We are a region with a strong economy – and we need companies that drive innovations and combine this with a commitment to the location of northeast Hesse.”

During the tour of production at Plant 4, Helge Förster and Uwe Bittroff, head of the business division gangway systems for road vehicles at HÜBNER, explained the developments on which the HÜBNER Group is currently working. In addition to gangway systems for electric buses, the topics included innovative steering systems for high-capacity buses.

“Our ambition is to advance the bus as a means of transport and to expand its capacity. Currently, we are working on connections for a bus with a total length of more than 30 meters with several intelligent axles,” Bittroff said. “This turns the bus into a type of tram or streetcar, except that it continues to run on rubber wheels and does not require a rail network. This allows cities and municipalities to significantly expand their public transportation services within a short period of time.”

With regard to the social responsibility of the HÜBNER Group, General Manager Helge Förster commented: “We will continue to work to sustainably strengthen the region and the business location of northeast Hesse - both through our entrepreneurial activities and through our social and cultural commitments.”

The HÜBNER Group has a total of around 1,100 employees at its Kassel sites. Of these, 36 are currently in apprenticeship or dual study programs.