and reporting channels


Almost anything! Please report if HÜBNER employees violate legal regulations or internal rules of the Company or if HÜBNER is possibly harmed by third parties. Please report possible environmental damage or violations of human rights to HÜBNER, its direct or indirect suppliers, as well as customers and business partners. 

Whether corruption, embezzlement, conflicts of interest, violations of data protection, discrimination, or customs violations... the list of possible suspected cases is extensive.You can find more information in the rules of procedure.

Describe the incident in as much detail as possible, the sequence of events, the place, and the time. Please let us know in which company, which department the events took place. Which persons were involved as victims, witnesses, or suspects, and what is their relationship to HÜBNER. 

Please describe all possible effects of the incident, especially personal injury, or financial loss, and please also name the persons who may have been harmed.

Of course, you can remain anonymous. All you have to do is set up a "secure mailbox" in the electronic whistleblowing system, the simple instructions for which can be found on the website. Communication with the Reporting Office will then be encrypted. 


All reports received from the various reporting channels are recorded and documented in HÜBNER's central Reporting Office. If you have specified a contact option or an anonymous mailbox, you will receive a confirmation of receipt within seven days of receiving the report.


The Reporting Office will investigate, if necessary, together with the relevant department, whether the initial suspicion is justified and will contact you for further information. If the suspicion is confirmed and still falls under a reporting category, we will notify you if you have left a contact option. If there is an initial suspicion of misconduct, we will carry out a thorough investigation. These investigations are carried out objectively, open-endedly, factually, promptly, efficiently, and effectively. The persons concerned are treated fairly and respectfully while safeguarding their personal rights. 

Of course, you can submit reports anonymously. The electronic whistleblower system is available for two-way communication. Whether anonymous or not, treating your identity confidentially is our top priority. Therefore, only those persons who are responsible for or support the receipt, processing, and implementation of follow-up measures have access to our reporting channels. It is only due to legal requirements, e.g., in the case of criminal prosecutions, that we may not be allowed to maintain confidentiality.  


If misconduct is suspected, the Compliance Department conducts an independent investigation or commissions an independent investigative body. The aim is to clarify the full facts of the case, identify those responsible and involved, establish the time of the incident, and determine the damage caused to HÜBNER and/or those affected. 

An investigation is concluded when the perpetrator(s) could not be identified, the initial suspicion could not be completely refuted or neither refuted nor substantiated, or misconduct could be proven beyond doubt. Finally, a written report is issued with recommendations for internal or external measures. 

Three months after your report, you will receive feedback with information on the measures planned and those already taken. If an investigation is carried out, we will inform you of the results once it has been completed. We will only do so, however, if this does not interfere with inquiries and investigations or violate personal rights. 

Under no circumstances do you have to fear that you will be disadvantaged by HÜBNER in response to your information. We will also not hold you legally responsible for obtaining or accessing information that you have reported. Unless you yourself have committed criminal offenses to obtain this information or have intentionally or grossly negligently submitted false reports. 


The following internal reporting channels are available to you at HÜBNER:
  • Electronic whistleblowing system: https://hubner.integrityline.app/

  • By e-mail: compliance(@)hubner-group.com

  • By telephone: +49 561 998 1176

  • By mail: Chief Compliance Officer, Hübner GmbH & Co. KG, Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 2, 34123 Kassel, Germany

  • In person or online (video or audio transmission via Internet): Chief Compliance Officer, Wilhelmine-Reichard-Straße 4, 34123 Kassel, Germany, appointments can be made by contacting compliance@hubner-group.com

The following external reporting offices are at your disposal: