The HÜBNER Group reorganizes top management

The HÜBNER Group is repositioning itself with a reorganized Management Board. To effectively meet challenges in its various markets and to systematically implement the HÜBNER 2026 Strategy, the company will be led in future by a four-person Management Board.

The HÜBNER Group reorganizes top management
Management Board of the HÜBNER Group: Uwe Bittroff (from the left), Ingolf Cedra, Kai Mentel und Claus Schäfer. Photo: HÜBNER-Gruppe/ Verena Klein

Strategic development with a new management structure

Owner Reinhard Hübner underlined the multiple business challenges facing the company as a result of the ongoing effects of the corona pandemic and Russia’s war against Ukraine. He said that the new management structure will ensure the necessary flexibility and capacity for action to set the corporate group on a strategically effective and forward-looking course in challenging times.

The new Management Board will consist of:

  • Uwe Bittroff (56), Head of the bus gangway systems unit in the business division Mobility Road since 2008. In the new Management Board, he will lead this division as a whole.
  • Ingolf Cedra (51), a Managing Director of the HÜBNER Group since 2014. Within the new Management Board, he will be responsible for the business divisions Material Solutions and Photonics.
  • Kai Mentel (36), Senior Vice President of the business division Mobility Rail since the summer of 2021. He will continue to lead this division within the new Management Board.
  • Claus Schäfer (56), Head of Corporate Finance & Controlling since 2010. Within the new Management Board, he will be responsible for the central areas in Corporate Functions.


Ideal solution for a strong team in the top management

“I am convinced to have found an ideal solution for our company with this strong team as the new Management Board,” says owner Reinhard Hübner.“It is very advantageous that the members of the Management Board not only know the company but also our business areas and have long-standing relationships with our customers, thus guaranteeing continued trust and creative collaboration.”


New professional challenges for Förster and Steinhoff

The previous Chief Financial Officer Gerald Steinhoff left the HÜBNER Group at his own wish at the end of October 2022 for a new professional challenge in Asia. Helge Förster, the Managing Director previously responsible for the business divisions Mobility Rail and Mobility Road, will leave the HÜBNER Group at his own wish in spring 2023 to pursue a new professional challenge.


“We thank Mr. Förster and Mr. Steinhoff very much for their successful and dedicated work for the company,” said owner Reinhard Hübner. “We regret their decisions to leave the company, particularly as they have both been highly respected and appreciated within the management team as well as by the employees.” With these personnel changes, the HÜBNER Group has placed a high priority on having a successful transfer of knowledge and experience so that know-how is passed on effectively and responsibilities are well distributed over several individuals.