A long-term partnership: HÜBNER is now a member of the Alstom Alliance™ - Working together to bring major projects onto the rails

Alstom, a global leader in green and smart mobility solutions, and the HÜBNER Group are strengthening their strategic partnership. HÜBNER has now become part of the Alstom Alliance, operating as a premium partner for one of the leading companies in the global transport sector.

Front from left: Christophe Gourlay (Chief Procurement Officer, Alstom and Kai Mentel (Managing Director HÜBNER Group) sign the Alstrom Alliance agreement in the presence of (back from left): Christopher Sames (Vice President Global Sales, Mobility Rail, HÜBNER Group), Adriana Monin (Procurement Domain Director, Alstom), Suraj Patil (Global Commodity Manager, Alstom) and Ansgar Bunse (Senior Key Account Manager, HÜBNER Group). Photo: Alstom

A strong basis for closer cooperation

“We are proud that our long-standing customer Alstom has placed its trust in us and is including us in its circle of prioritized partners,” says Kai Mentel, Managing Director of the HÜBNER Group. “For us, membership in the Alstom Alliance™ is a strong basis for an even closer cooperation in the future, working with shared quality standards and values, especially in the area of sustainability.”

For HÜBNER, this close cooperation with Alstom means the opportunity for an intensified, long-term exchange of knowledge and experience to jointly drive innovation and thereby create high-quality and sustainable mobility solutions. The global presence of the HÜBNER Group represents a significant benefit in the relationship, as this makes it possible to support Alstom with local production and short delivery routes.


High performance and innovative strength for reliable mobility

In order to provide customers with high quality, cost-efficient products and services in a competitive market, Alstom started the Alstom Alliance™ programme in 2015. The purpose of Alstom Alliance is to establish long-term, partnerships with strategic suppliers in the development and execution from the earliest design phase through to the delivery of innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions.

“With the Alstom Alliance, we want to ensure that we are working together with partners who can guarantee that they will be delivering world-class quality to our company,” says Christophe Gourlay, Chief Procurement Officer at Alstom. “We expect these companies to be top performers, bringing innovative strength and ongoing investments to the continuing development of their input to our products. We are convinced that as a member of the Alliance the HÜBNER Group will share and support our values as well as our objectives in sustainable growth, innovation and efficiency.”


Many years of shared experience in numerous major projects

The production of trains for the metro in the Indian capital of Delhi is just one of numerous success stories that Alstom and the HÜBNER Group have shared around the world. For this project, HÜBNER is supplying a total of 520 gangway systems. Gangways are also being provided for the Bhopal-Indore metro project and for the Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS), India’s first “semi-high-speed regional train”, which has been in operation since October 2023.

HÜBNER is also supporting the modernization of the PRASA fleet in a major order of historic proportions for the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA). For this project over the next 20 years, the aging PRASA vehicle fleet will be replaced with 600 new electric trains from GIBELA, a joint venture under the leadership of Alstom. HÜBNER is supplying the gangway systems for the new fleet.

Further joint projects of Alstom and HÜBNER include the Flexity™ trams, which are operated in Zürich, Switzerland, and several German cities as well as the new Citadis™ tram – due to enter service in the Moroccan capital of Casablanca in addition to other locations.


Mutual trust and strong team spirit unite

“We are convinced that strengthening our partnership will be a win-win situation for both companies. Mutual trust and a strong team spirit will result in sustainable growth for both Alstom and HÜBNER,” emphasizes Ansgar Bunse, the Senior Key Account Manager at HÜBNER responsible for Alstom. “Our innovative drive coupled with our sustainable production processes will make it possible for us to continue to add to our product portfolio with Alstom in the future.”

In addition to its core gangway system products, the HÜBNER Group also offers a wide portfolio of products with components in the areas of chassis technology, cockpit display solutions and door sealing and safety profiles. HÜBNER also offers comprehensive service concepts for the entire product life cycle.