Alexander Bergk new Managing Director at PTO

A change in the top management at PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH (PTO): From 1 January 2022, Alexander Bergk will step in as a new Managing Director of the company. The 39-year-old executive has already been with the HÜBNER Group’s PTO for twelve years, currently working as the head of quality control and purchasing. Bergk is from the Niederlausitz region of Germany, where he still lives with his family.

Alexander Bergk new Managing Director at PTO, Picture: PTO GmbH/Alexander Frenzel
Alexander Bergk new Managing Director at PTO, Picture: PTO GmbH/Alexander Frenzel

“We are very pleased that we have been able to recruit Alexander Bergk as a managing director with deep knowledge of PTO through his many years of experience and long-time association with the company. We want to give him a warm welcome in his new function and wish him every success,” says Ingolf Cedra, the HÜBNER Group General Manager responsible for PTO.
Despite his many years at PTO, Alexander Bergk is still impressed by the remarkable diversity of its product range. “We are quite literally right in the middle of so many things,” he points out. “For example in satellites orbiting the earth, in trams running through Dresden and Cottbus, or even in the castle church in the nearby town of Lauchhammer, which recently celebrated in 275th anniversary.” Indeed, the bellows of that church’s organ are working with material from PTO. “From our town of Ortrand, we deliver products around the world. It makes me proud that these products have taken on leading positions,” says Bergk.
Going forward, PTO’s business will be managed by a two-person top management team. Alexander Bergk will be responsible for the area of operations. “Our aim is to round off the management tandem as soon as possible with a second person who will be responsible for the areas of sales and development,” explains Cedra.
With these changes in the management team, the current Managing Director Kirsten Schmaler will be ending her tenure at PTO. The 60-year-old chemist will be retiring at the end of 2021 after 19 years with the company, the last twelve of which have been spent in the top position. Cedra thanked the outgoing Managing Director on behalf of the HÜBNER Group: “With her extraordinary commitment, her great personal dedication and good gut feeling for business matters, Kirsten Schmaler has had a crucial role in advancing PTO's successful development.”