Kassel, Germany. The HÜBNER Group, a world-leading supplier of security and comfort solutions for trains and buses, is committed to innovation and diversification. In addition to the core business segments of Mobility and Material solutions, comprising gangways, articulations systems and door seals, for several years the company has been growing a Photonics division with a focus on laser technology. In order to support the growth of the Photonics division, a new facility for research, development and manufacturing of laser technologies has been established at the Hübner headquarters in Kassel. The new facility, named the Hübner Photonics HUB Kassel, also incorporates the company’s activities in development of new Radar technology. The Hübner Photonics Hub Kassel, was officially opened on June 28 2019 in the presence of representatives from the photonics industry and local government officials.

High-tech for North Hesse

Worldwide HÜBNER Photonics has 70 employees at four different locations, with laser manufacturing operations in Stockholm and Kassel and with sales offices in San Jose, California and Southampton in the UK. A total of 24 colleagues will initially be working at the new Photonics HUB Kassel. "We are very glad to now have access to expanded and dedicated facilities in Kassel for development and manufacturing of the C-WAVE product line. With this new facility we will be able to meet the growing demand we see for these tunable single-frequency laser sources, in particular for use in Quantum technology research and in production of holographic optical elements for augmented reality applications" commented Dr. Håkan Karlsson, head of HÜBNER Photonics.

The C-WAVE laser technology was developed in a collaboration between HÜBNER and the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques (IPM) in Freiburg and the unique features of this advanced laser source is now gaining more and more attention on the market. "With the tunable laser light source C-WAVE we have accomplished a truly innovative development in the field of laser technology," remarks Thorsten Sprenger, head of the Photonics activities at the Kassel location. HÜBNER received the PRISM Award in 2014 for the C-WAVE innovation – the most prestigious international science award for new photonics applications.

Mobile phone manufacturers, major internet high tech companies, providers of advanced analytical equipment and microscopes as well as leading universities – are today making use of HÜBNER Photonics products for applications ranging from holographic films for augmented reality glasses, to biomedical research and clinical diagnosis, to process control in pharma production, to basic research applications such as atom physics and quantum optics. "We are very excited about the currently fast research progress in the field of quantum optics. These new technologies enable development of quantum sensors with unprecedented measurement precision, ultra-fast quantum computers and super-secure quantum encryption. Our laser technology can make a significant contribution to this development and therefore the field of quantum technology represent a significant growth potential for our business”, comments Karlsson.


The HÜBNER Group

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As a global system supplier for the mobility industry, for manufacturing and for life sciences and research applications, the HÜBNER Group is the worldwide leader in gangway systems for buses and railway vehicles (Mobility), a prominent solution provider for rubber products, plastics technologies and elastomer-coated industrial textiles (Material Solutions) as well as a rising supplier for applications in the field of laser, terahertz and high-frequency technologies (Photonics). The HÜBNER Group employs more than 3,300 people around the world. In addition to the headquarters in Kassel, Germany, HÜBNER has built up more than 25 locations around the world in the preceding years and decades.