HÜBNER expands its activities in the medical technology market

Highly innovative and perfectly practical: The HÜBNER Group is expanding its product portfolio in the medical technology area and is already delivering newly developed products to several high-profile customers.

A novel touchless dispenser system

In the past year, HÜBNER developed a new touchless dispenser system for hand hygiene, which is now being fully launched. A leading German medical and pharmaceutical company has placed a large-scale order for the realization of the dispenser system.  

"For us in product development, user-friendly operation is a top priority," says Tino Truppel," Head of Dispenser Product Management at HÜBNER. "That's why our new dispenser comes with numerous technical refinements: It dispenses soap, disinfectant or care products on a touchless basis and has the added benefit of a special display function that shows exactly the right moment to change the solution container so that resources are conserved."

Another special feature of the dispenser is its door control interface. With this functionality, a designated doorway will only be opened when an individual's hands have first been disinfected. "This new product has been developed entirely in-house at HÜBNER and sets a whole new standard in user-friendly operation and reliability in the hygiene field," says HÜBNER General Manager Ingolf Cedra. 

Its monitoring system for hand hygiene can be extended and retrofitted at any time. The smart system functionality is activated on a plug-and-play basis. With its accompanying app, various dispenser information such as dosage amount, battery status or filling leveling can be visualized on different end user devices such as a smartphone or PC.

"E-Flow" and "Inspiration Insert": Two disposable inserts for critical care ventilators

A new HÜBNER development will also be used in future for intensive care patient ventilators. HÜBNER has developed the new single-use inserts for expiration in intensive care ventilators as well as the accompanying machine tools for production. The development has led to a major order for the new components from a leading global producer of devices for clinical ventilation and respiration therapy.

"With this new design development and the accompanying functional optimization, ventilators can be used more flexibly and at the same time personnel resources can be conserved," explains Tino Truppel.  Up until now in clinical ventilation, multiple use inserts have been used in ventilators. These inserts need to be disassembled and cleaned after each use in a time-consuming step before they can be used again with the next patient. "During this time the inserts, on the one hand, are not available for use, and on the other, this cleaning step requires a significant amount of time and documentation effort." Thanks to HÜBNER's new single-use design for inserts, this will no longer be necessary.

HÜBNER is also working on another new product solution in this field at the present time. The "inspiration insert" used in ventilators should also be optimized. "This will involve a complete makeover. We will be improving the function as well as the design. The focus here will be to reduce the number of components and to optimize the performance parameters," says Truppel. With both of the new inserts for ventilators, HÜBNER is aiming to participate more actively in the business segment of intensive care medical technology products.