New email addresses: On 1 June 2021 will be converted to

The HÜBNER Group continues to grow together: Starting 1 June 2021 , the company email addresses with the domain name will be converted to

Over the past years and decades, HÜBNER has established more than 30 locations around the world offering a diverse and extensive product portfolio. "That makes it all the more important for us to present ourselves to the market as a unified group," explains Head of Marketing Nicholas Neu.  In addition, the new email addresses will now correspond to the company website

The changeover from will first be made for the email addresses used at the headquarters of the global system supplier for the mobility sector located in Kassel, Germany. Following this, the same change will be made for other HÜBNER Group companies. For a transition period, company employees will, of course, continue to be reachable at their former email addresses.