• Products and concepts for BUSES by HÜBNER
  • Comprehensive systems for RAILWAY VEHICLES by HÜBNER
  • Safe and comfortable boarding with AIRPORT TECHNOLOGY by HÜBNER
  • Sealing systems, profiles and molded parts RUBBER AND SILICONE by HÜBNER
  • Innovative training with LIFE QUALITY PRODUCTS By sensa® by HÜBNER Group
  • Hygienic, flexible, versatile MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY by HÜBNER
  • Ready to be of service around the world SERVICE by HÜBNER
  • Coherence Matters. PHOTONICS by HÜBNER


As a comprehensive system supplier, the HÜBNER Group develops solutions for the transportation industry. Our products are used in rail vehicles and buses as well as in airport technology and the automobile industry. And we are active in the fields of medical technology, life quality, terahertz technology and photonics as well as high frequency applications.

The product range includes the design and production of folding bellows, vehicle articulation systems, flexible gangway systems, window systems, molded foam components made of polyurethane (PUR), as well as a wide variety of products made of rubber and injection molded plastic. Also worth mentioning: our innovative products in terahertz technology and photonics – T-COGNITION® and the C-WAVE – which received the 2014 Prism Award.

The reliability and durability of HÜBNER products have been satisfying customers for more than 70 years. This is thanks to the excellent work of more than 2,600 qualified HÜBNER employees worldwide. They are the backbone of our company – responsible for our innovative power, our excellent service and our continuous growth.

Think globally, act locally: With its international association of companies, the HÜBNER Group is always there to maintain close contact with its customers and their needs. We provide our customers custom-made solutions – from product development through prototyping to series production.


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