Alliance against discrimination: We're taking a stand

Kassel, Germany. Against hostility towards foreigners, violence and discrimination: Together with the companies B. Braun, SMA, Viessmann, Vokswagen and Wintershall Dea and in coordination with their works councils, HÜBNER is also signing on to a shared company agreement "Friendly and Fair Behavior at the Workplace". Approximately 160,000 employees at companies all over Germany are also participating. This agreement should help to establish a stable basis for tolerant, open and peaceful co-existence with one another.

The company agreement becomes effective immediately and explicitly rejects xenophobic statements, intolerant behavior and the use of symbols that support such positions.  It is a clear statement against extremism, smear campaigns, exclusion and disrespectful behavior. The new agreement does not replace any existing agreements but rather affirms a legally binding position in favor of tolerance and fair dealing with all persons. All employees and managers of the company assume responsibility for fair and tolerant behavior in accordance with the agreement.

"Respect and tolerance are values that we have committed ourselves to as a company," explains Joachim Müller, head of Human Resources at HÜBNER. "A company culture that is distinguished by fair behavior on the job establishes a basis for a positive working climate and is thus an important prerequisite for the economic success of any company."

The new company agreement has been prepared during the preceding months together with the other participating companies. Any violations against fair behavior at the workplace, in particular all types of discrimination through prejudice and harassment, particularly in the form of sexual harassment, stalking and bullying are serious disruptions of the labor environment. Müller: "The company agreement makes this 100% clear and helps all of us to work against such types of behavior. All employees as well as the company as a whole are now contractually obligated to prevent discrimination and to promote and maintain a fair working climate."


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