HÜBNER and the European Year of Rail. A new HÜBNER landing page is now online for the official campaign year

Sustainable, innovative and climate friendly: The European Year of Rail taking place in 2021 is meant to strengthen and develop the rail sector as an environmentally friendly mode of transport. And the HÜBNER Group is also a part of the #EUYearOfRail: For the official start of the campaign year, HÜBNER's own Year of Rail landing page www.hubner-year-of-rail-2021.eu has come online.

[Translate to english:] Screenshot der neuen HUBNER-Landingpage zum Europäischen Jahr der Schiene

"The European Year of Rail marks a clear commitment to rail transport on the part of the EU.  It is good to see that the importance of the rail sector for mobility and also for the climate is being recognized," said Huschke Diekmann, CEO Rail in the HÜBNER Group. “We, of course, are pleased to be giving our support to the initiative."

As a major supplier of the industry, HÜBNER works every day to implement new mobility solutions for the future and thus to support its rail customers, both in the local and long-distance segments. The new landing page is an example of this contribution and commitment: Attractively produced and providing lots of information, it gives an overview of the HÜBNER Rail segment. It includes an interview with Huschke Diekmann where he speaks about the railway sector as an essential infrastructure component and how HÜBNER has been supporting its rail customers both in the local and long-distance segments. In addition, he explains how it is that HÜBNER has two special occasions to celebrate in the year 2021.

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