HÜBNER delivers spare parts in less than 24 hours - Optimized shipments for Bus Division customers

Whether it’s a radial articulation, a folding bellows or a floor insert – when a bus isn’t operational due to a defect or accident damage, the HÜBNER Group is ready to deliver quick support. With optimized shipment logistics for spare parts and a new remote video service for troubleshooting with transit companies, the After Sales & Service Bus unit is providing two great new benefits. This helps to minimize costly downtimes for transit companies and to guarantee uninterrupted mobility offerings.


Full information about HÜBNER’s new service support will be available at the Busworld Europe exhibition in Brussels from 7-12 October 2023. The After Sales & Service Bus unit will also be presenting its new video remote service functionality in real-time simulations at the HÜBNER Busworld booth in Hall 7, Booth 755.


Optimized shipment: Delivery on the next business day

“It’s essential for transit companies to minimize vehicle downtimes. Speed has the highest priority for us at HÜBNER as well. That’s why we’ve undertaken a comprehensive analysis and optimization of our shipment processes. Spare parts can now be delivered in less than 24 hours in Germany following receipt of an order,” explains Tim Dortans, Head of HÜBNER Service Road.

Orders that are placed by 2:00 p.m. in Germany, will usually arrive between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. the next business day. If the customer selects express shipment for an additional charge, the goods will have a guaranteed delivery by 9 a.m. the next business day. HÜBNER plans to continuously expand this service and to implement expedited deliveries for customers in other countries as well.


More items in stock for high-demand products

Customers can track the shipment status of their delivery via an automatically provided link. A further benefit: Products are delivered without any charges for packaging costs. HÜBNER has also made significant changes in its inventory management. “We have significantly increased the availability of products that are in high demand,” says Tim Dortans.


Quick and simple support with the remote video-check service

As a kind of help for self-help, HÜBNER also provides a new remote video service that works in a very simple way. After making contact with HÜBNER, customers receive an email with a link that includes a QR code. When they scan this code with their mobile device, a video screen opens that is connected with a HÜBNER service technician.

“The remote video check gives customers the chance to receive a quick and expert troubleshooting analysis. With our remote support, repairs can be completed quickly and defective components can be ordered directly. That saves time and money,” emphasizes Tim Dortans.


An expert assessment - provided remotely without delay

Customers can film the vehicle directly and show the affected components so that the HÜBNER service technician is able to give an expert opinion immediately. If a particular detail needs to be highlighted, the image can be frozen.

At the customer’s request, HÜBNER can then prepare an individual offer right after the video check has been completed.  Within Germany, the relevant spare parts are typically available for installation at the garage the next business day.


Strengthening public transport – with new service offerings

“The goal of the HÜBNER Group is to help public transport develop positively, making it stronger and more reliable. And with our innovative technologies and individualized service and consulting support, we’re making an important contribution to making that happen,” says Tim Dortans in conclusion.


In connection with its presence at Busworld Europe, HÜBNER has published a dedicated website that brings together all the product information and highlights from the exhibition: www.hubner-group.com/busworldeurope-2023


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