HÜBNER donation provides mobility for people in need - Action day: Trainees entertain guests at the railway mission

A special action day as part of the HÜBNER Group’s annual donation: Trainees invited the guests of the railway mission at Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe station to a rich selection of salads prepared by themselves. HÜBNER is supporting the railway mission and the Soziale Hilfe association with a total of 20,000 euros.

HÜBNER trainee Manuel Claus (from left), Alexander Ponelies (Managing Director of Caritas-Verband Nordhessen), Martin Schenker (Head of department, Diakonisches Werk, Kassel region) Karin Stürznickel-Holst (Head of railway mission), Claus Schäfer (Managing Director HÜBNER Group), Michaela Rohde, Managing Director Josua Volp (both from Soziale Hilfe association Kassel) and HÜBNER trainees Morten Ochs, Milena Kobert and Lara Daum. Photo: HÜBNER Group/Uwe Zucchi
HÜBNER trainee Manuel Claus serves a guest at the railway mission. Photo: HÜBNER Group/Uwe Zucchi
Lara Daum (from left), Manuel Claus and Morten Ochs prepare the salad buffet for the HÜBNER trainees' day of action. Photo: HÜBNER Group/Uwe Zucchi

HÜBNER trainees Manuel Claus, Lara Daum, Milena Kobert, and Morten Ochs worked at the railway mission during the action day to support the team. Most of the visitors to the facility at Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe station are people in need. Here, they can get something to eat or a hot drink there, for example.


Special offer for guests of the railway mission

“We wanted to offer the guests something special”, says Lara Daum, who is currently undergoing training as an industrial clerk at the HÜBNER location in Kassel. “Together with the railway mission team, we developed the idea for the salad buffet. We are very pleased that our campaign was so well received by the guests.”

Karin Stürznickel-Holst, head of the railway mission, supported the HÜBNER trainees’ campaign right from the start: “I think it’s great that the young trainees have supported their employer’s donation so actively. It makes this donation even more special.”


Charitable donations are part of HÜBNER’s self-conception

Every year, the HÜBNER Group supports charitable organizations in the region with an annual donation. This time, the donation is split equally between the railway mission and the Soziale Hilfe association. The annual donation will benefit two projects in the field of mobility.

“For years, it has been a matter of course for us to share our business success with cultural and social institutions,” says Claus Schäfer, Managing Director of the HÜBNER Group. “As a system provider for mobility markets, public transportation is one of our most important business areas - that's why we're delighted to be able to support local projects in precisely these areas with our annual donation this year.”


Facilitating mobility to combat loneliness

In the “Mobility through Solidarity” project, people in need receive discounted tickets for local public transportation in the Kassel region through the Soziale Hilfe association. “Rising costs of living and energy prices are making it more difficult for many people to get around their local area on public transportation,” says Josua Volp, Managing Director of the Soziale Hilfe association.“Providing people with mobility means counteracting loneliness and enabling them to participate in social life. The service also prevents people in need from risking fines or imprisonment for repeatedly traveling without a ticket.”


Volunteer team accompanies trips

“Accompanied Travel” is the name of the second project supported by HÜBNER. The railway mission is setting up a volunteer team to accompany people on trips who would otherwise not be able to travel. The donation will be used to train travel companions and provide them with travel allowances for their voluntary work.

The donation will also support the daily work of the 30-strong team at the railway mission. Since the coronavirus pandemic, the need has grown, and the ecumenical facility run by the Caritasverband Nordhessen-Kassel e.V. association at Wilhelmshöhe-Kassel station provides around 60 guests with free food, drink, fruit, and vegetables every day.