HÜBNER provides approximately €25,000 of support - Donations for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

Thousands of people lost their lives in the severe earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria on February 6. Hundreds of thousands have also been injured or are homeless. With support from the company as well as with private donations from the company owner and the members of the Management Board, HÜBNER is providing a contribution of approximately €25,000 to help at the scene of the disaster. In addition, the Management Board has asked all employees to help with support for aid organizations.

HÜBNER provides approximately €25,000 of support - Donations for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

Approximately €20,000 will go to the alliance of German aid organizations “Bundnis Entwiklung Hilft” and to “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, among others. “It is a given for us that that we want to do our part to help the people of Turkey and Syria in the event of a disaster such as this earthquake – and all the more so because relatives of employees are in great need there,” explain the Managing Directors Uwe Bittroff, Ingolf Cedra, Kai Mentel and Claus Schäfer.

In addition to the support being provide by the HÜBNER Group, the Turkish subsidiary Toplu Tasima Sistemleri has already donated €5,000 to aid organizations directly in Turkey. “With our company sites in the greater Istanbul we have not been directly affected, but some of our 65 colleagues have relatives in the disaster areas. Where it was possible for us, we have already provided them with direct and targeted support,” says Andreas Rintsch, Location Head of HÜBNER Toplu Tasima Sistemleri.

At the headquarters of the HÜBNER Group in Kassel, Germany, there are also employees with relatives in the disaster area. One of these is Burak Bozkurt, who works in the Mobility Rail division on the development of folding bellows for gangway systems. His parents come from Antakya Hatay, and relatives of his still live there. This city in southeastern Turkey was hit particularly hard by the earthquake.

“Even though the earthquake was some time ago now, every bit of support helps. The suffering is overwhelming,” reports HÜBNER employee Burak Bozkurt. “That’s why I am hoping for further support like that which has been given by HÜBNER for the people in my family’s homeland. Donations help, and especially they give the people there some hope and reassurance that they are not being left alone.”