HÜBNER reduces energy consumption and lowers CO2 emissions by 19 tons per year - Self-learning thermostats installed on radiators

Kassel, Germany (15 February 2022). The HÜBNER Group has substantially reduced energy consumption at its headquarters in Kassel, Germany. This has been made possible through the use of new digital self-learning radiator thermostats from the vilisto company. Following the first pilot installation in the main building at Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 6 in Kassel, the company will now equip other buildings with the thermostats.

Thomas Meibert, Energy Management Officer at HÜBNER, at a radiator with a self-learning thermostat. Photo: HÜBNER/Patrick Bernhardt
Thomas Meibert, Energy Management Officer at HÜBNER, at a radiator with a self-learning thermostat. Photo: HÜBNER/Patrick Bernhardt

In 2021, HÜBNER was able to reduce energy consumption at its main building by 21 percent. Compared with the previous year, this resulted in a reduction of about 19 tons in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Thanks to their integrated presence detection capability, the vilisto thermostats only heat rooms in which people are actually present. As soon as a room is empty, the temperature is automatically reduced.


Effective energy management at HÜBNER

A coordinated system of energy management at the various HÜBNER locations has been an integral part of company policy for some time now. “HÜBNER is consistently pursuing the statutory energy-saving targets and even exceeds these goals sometimes,” explains Thomas Meibert, who is managing the cooperation with vilisto as HÜBNER’s energy management officer.

In December 2020, a total of 241 radiator thermostats were replaced in the administration building at Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 6 where a total of more than 100 employees work.“Since this time, we have continuously been saving energy, lowering heating costs and also reducing CO2 emissions,” reports Meibert.

At the same time, the comfort of the employees working in these offices has always been maintained, Leonie Andersen, the vilisto project manager for Hessen, is quick to point out. “With the help of self-learning algorithms, the radiators are regulated on a proactive basis so that rooms have reached the desired temperature before work begins.” The vilisto online platform also makes it simple to monitor all of the radiators remotely. In addition to this, all employees can set the temperature that they prefer in their own offices.

From the very beginning, HÜBNER and vilisto worked together on optimizations. This made it possible, for example, to extend the service life of the batteries in the thermostats. “We’re assuming that we’ll be able to save even more energy when all the optimizations have been implemented,” says Meibert.

Regular work with innovative companies

Vilisto was founded in Hamburg in 2016 and now has almost 40 employees. “In connection with our innovation management, we work regularly and in various fields with young companies. HÜBNER helps up-and-coming companies like vilisto to establish themselves in the market, and we also benefit from this,” says General Manager Gerald Steinhoff.

“Currently, office buildings and educational institutions are often heated inefficiently. At vilisto we make use of the cost-saving opportunities made possible through digitalization, and we’re very pleased to be making a significant contribution to local climate protection together with the HÜBNER Group,” says Andersen.