HÜBNER supports the organizations German Doctors and the Kassel Student Union

People all over the world have been experiencing great hardship as a result of the corona pandemic. With its annual donation, HÜBNER is therefore supporting two aid organizations that work to help persons suffering from the effects of Covid-19. "In 2020, the corona pandemic had a wide range of devastating effects," says Gerald Steinhoff, Chief Financial Officer of the HÜBNER Group. "That's why at HÜBNER in this extraordinary year we decided to forgo our usual gifts for business partners and instead to double our traditional annual donation."

HÜBNER management (above) & representatives of the Kassel Student Union (Studierendenwerk Kassel)

In this connection, 25,000 EUR have been donated to the internationally active NGO German Doctors, which sends physicians to support projects in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Sierra Leone. There the doctors help to provide medical care and training for disadvantaged people. In addition, they work to improve the health of patients on a long-term basis through accompanying nutrition programs and hygiene training.

"We are very pleased to be receiving this generous support from HÜBNER.  The pandemic has dramatically worsened the situation in the countries where we work, adding the factor of hunger to already difficult circumstances," explains Dr. Harald Kischlat, Director of German Doctors. "Thanks to the HÜBNER donation we can distribute desperately needed food packets and other emergency support to help ensure the survival of our patients."

HÜBNER has also donated 25,000 EUR to the Kassel Student Union (Studierendenwerk Kassel). "We are so pleased that thanks to the donation pledged by HÜBNER we needn't stand there with empty hands but rather can continue to help students from our emergency fund," says Christina Walz, Managing Director of the Studierendenwerk.


German Doctors e. V.

German Doctors e.V. sends physicians on voluntary aid missions in areas that suffer from a lack of adequate medical care, mainly in countries in the Global South. In the slums of major cities and in impoverished rural regions, these doctors provide basic medical care to marginalized persons as well as offering training to local health workers to strengthen the countries’ healthcare systems from within. Since its founding in 1983, more than 3,400 German physicians have undertaken approximately 7,600 missions in 11 different countries.

Kassel Student Union (Studierendenwerk Kassel)

The Kassel Student Union offers comprehensive support to all students, providing services in the areas of food service, housing, financing of studies and counseling. Working on the basis of the general social consensus to provide equal opportunity in the educational system, the Kassel Student Union seeks to strengthen the social infrastructure in connection with university education.