HÜBNER will publish regular Newsletter

Stay up to date with the latest news and information: Starting now, HÜBNER will be publishing a new Newsletter for customers and other interested persons. Everyone who registers at www.hubner-group.de will receive the new Newsletter three to four times per year direct from HÜBNER – full with news and insights all about the mobility sector.

The advantages: Subscribers find out first about important customer events, exhibition visits and special campaigns and offers. And they also receive the latest information and direct insights into the HÜBNER world:  We'll be presenting new products and systems and informing readers about developments in the industry. 

In these times of the corona crisis and climate change, the mobility market in particular is facing major challenges. "The move to new forms of transport and mobility will continue to be pushed – politically and socially," remarks HÜBNER General Manager Helge Förster.  And the demands on bus and rail transport will continue to grow. At the same time, it will be essential to implement creative and efficient solutions for health protection. In keeping with these requirements, HÜBNER developed new safety partitions this year for bus personnel that protect both drivers and passengers against Covid19 infection. 

In the last few years the HÜBNER Group has transformed itself from a producer of gangway systems and rubber seals into a comprehensive system supplier for the bus and rail industry. 

Our product portfolio for the mobility sector now features a broad array of products in addition to our well-known gangway systems for buses and rail vehicles. These include: 

  • Articulation systems
  • Chassis technology 
  • Cockpit displays 
  • Ramps and lifts 
  • Intelligent sensor-supported finger protection profiles
  • Window systems 
  • Insulation and soundproofing for vehicles 
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic components 
  • Shock-absorbing tram front ends

And our portfolio is continually being expanded and developed and improved. 

You can subscribe directly to the Newsletter here.