Silicone made in Germany: HÜBNER bundles competencies in a new Competence Center Silicone - Reduced emissions, optimized quality

Kassel / Ortrand, Germany (10 June 2022). The HÜBNER Group is bringing together its competencies in the silicone field at its new Competence Center Silicone (CCS). With the use of a newly developed manufacturing system, the production of silicone solutions will be more sustainable and better for the environment. The new competence center is being realized together with the company PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH (PTO), which has belonged to the HÜBNER Group since 2006. The new center will come into operation in summer 2022 at the PTO location in Ortrand in the German state of Brandenburg.

silicone profiles in a temperature cabinet
In the Competence Center Silicone at PTO GmbH in Ortrand, the silicone profiles in a temperature cabinet are optimized. This is where the HÜBNER Group bundles its expertise. Photo: HÜBNER Group/PTO
Silicone profiles for seals
Silicone profiles for seals with a very good surface quality from the Competence Center Silicone of the HÜBNER Group. Photo: HÜBNER Group/PTO
laboratory mixer
The development of silicone mixtures is carried out according to the respective customer requirements on the laboratory mixer. Photo: HÜBNER Group/PTO


In its new Competence Center Silicone, the HÜBNER Group will be handling the complete silicone production process – from the development of materials and formulations, to compounding, to the manufacture and packaging of silicone products. “The advantage of our new Competence Center Silicone is that from now on all silicone applications for products and systems of the HÜBNER Group will be produced directly in Germany in their entirety. This ensures a high level of production and delivery reliability. In addition, the new manufacturing system is significantly more environmentally friendly. We have been able to achieve further reductions in emissions,” reports Ingolf Cedra, HÜBNER Group General Manager.


High-quality seals for aircraft, buses and rail vehicles

Silicone components – in particular silicone profiles – are important elements in the sealing systems that are produced by the HÜBNER Group and are used in planes, buses and rail vehicles. “With the new production system we can accommodate the individual design requirements of our customers even better. Particularly with the sophisticated, high-quality components in use in aircraft, in rail vehicles and buses this is a key benefit that we can now provide to customers,” emphasizes Alexander Bergk, Managing Director of PTO GmbH.

Another special feature of the new Competence Center Silicone is that its manufacturing system includes a vertical extruder with an infrared vulcanization line. Christian Rothe, Head of the Competence Center Silicone, explains: “This makes it possible to produce highly complex configurations and allows for vulcanization without contact. This lets us achieve an especially good surface quality with our silicone seals.”

In addition to seals, the Competence Center Silicone will also handle various silicone product solutions that offer very high resistance to alkalis, dilute acids and cleaning agents. These are used, for example, in the electronics sector for insulation and in medical applications for ventilation devices.

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