Start of training and studies: HÜBNER welcomes 19 junior employees - Applications for 2024 are already possible

16 industrial-technical and commercial trainees, one student in the dual study program and two one-year technical high school interns have now started their careers at the globally active HÜBNER Group at its headquarters in Kassel. “Training has always been a high priority at HÜBNER. We are pleased that we will be able once again this year to accompany young people into their professional lives and thus train the skilled workers of tomorrow,” says HÜBNER Managing Director Claus Schäfer.

Start of training and studies: HÜBNER welcomes 19 junior employees
They have now started their professional life at HÜBNER (back row from left): Christopher Schmidt, Charleen Fuchs, Vincent Bäcker, Milena Kobert, Fabian Eisenberg, Patrick Fehling, Anna Lötzerich, Timo Speck, Nick Junghans, Vanessa Kirchberg, Annika Schukow, Ole Schneider, Morten Ochs, Christian Heinzl and front row (from left): Max Fißler, Sascha Randel, André Meyer, Albert Burmann, Nathalie Wiegel
Photo: HÜBNER/Bernd Schoelzchen

A wide range of training opportunities

HÜBNER offers traineeships in the fields of electronics and metal work as well as in commercial professions. For the first time in the company’s history, an apprentice is trained as an IT specialist for system integration and a clerk for digitization management. In addition, HÜBNER offers the possibility of a dual study program, which this year is being used by a student specializing in industrial engineering with a focus on mechanical engineering.

The two one-year high school intern interns start in the industrial-technical field. “The trainees can expect a varied traineeship. In addition to the content for the desired profession, the company offers numerous opportunities to think outside the box, for example in the context of internships abroad,” explains Susanne Fülling, HR Specialist at HÜBNER. In total, HÜBNER is currently training a total of 43 young people at its headquarters in Kassel.


One-week introductory week offers comprehensive insights

The junior staff started with an one-week introductory workshop at HÜBNER. In addition to getting to know the company and the other trainees, the wide-ranging program included a full-day IT training course. Subsequently, the young people started in their respective specialist departments.


Trainees are already being sought for 2024

For the 2024 training year, new applicants are already being sought in the fields of work of electronics, IT, metal and commercial professions. Interested people can upload their applications directly in the “All Jobs” section of the HÜBNER Career Portal:


Further information on training at HÜBNER can be found at: