Ultrafast pulse fiber lasers: HÜBNER Photonics expands portfolio - Acquisition of VALO Innovations GmbH

Kassel / Stockholm / Hanover (18 November 2021). Ultrafast pulse fiber lasers in the femtosecond range (fs) is a new technology that is now part of the HÜBNER Photonics portfolio. The HÜBNER Group’s division specialized in laser systems has acquired VALO Innovations GmbH based in Hanover, Germany, which develops and manufactures ultrafast-pulse fiber laser systems.

[Translate to english:] HÜBNER-Geschäftsführer Ingolf Cedra (links) und VALO-Geschäftsführer Dr. Oliver Prochnow (rechts) freuen sich auf die künftige Zusammenarbeit in der HÜBNER-Gruppe.
[Translate to english:] HÜBNER-Geschäftsführer Ingolf Cedra (links) und VALO-Geschäftsführer Dr. Oliver Prochnow (rechts) freuen sich auf die künftige Zusammenarbeit in der HÜBNER-Gruppe. Foto: HÜBNER-Gruppe/Claas Michaelis

"With the acquisition of VALO Innovations, HÜBNER Photonics will be able to serve markets that require ultrafast pulsed lasers in life science applications or for high-precision material processing. We are pleased to have been able to bring such a young and innovative company as VALO into the HÜBNER Group. Investments in high-tech areas, which are particularly in demand in the medical applications segment, strengthen the Photonics division as a growing and attractive pillar of our group," emphasizes HÜBNER General Manager Ingolf Cedra.

Based on patented technology, VALO Innovations offers ultrafast pulse laser systems that are so far unique on the market. Special features are ultrafast- pulse lengths of less than 50 femtoseconds (fs: 10-15 sec) with peak powers of more than 2 milliwatts (mW). These are used, for example, in imaging of biological processes and structures, spectroscopy and micromachining.

“We are extremely excited to add the unique fs laser technology of VALO Innovations to our group. Their innovative mindset, engineering capabilities and customer orientation make a perfect fit with us, and we are very much looking forward to being able to offer our customers these highly complementary products in the short pulse regimes together with the performance, quality and support they are accustomed to receiving from us,” says Head of HÜBNER Photonics, Dr. Håkan Karlsson.

VALO Innovations GmbH will remain in Hanover. In future, VALO fs lasers will be added to HÜBNER Photonics‘ steadily growing portfolio of high-power lasers alongside the existing and even award-winning product lines C-FLEX, C-WAVE and Cobolt. By bundling competencies in the Photonics division, HÜBNER presents itself as a reliable supplier for the series production of outstanding laser designs, especially for manufacturers of life science and analytical instruments.

Dr. Oliver Prochnow, co-founder and CEO of VALO Innovations, is equally excited, stating: “It’s an amazing step and a great pleasure to be a part of such a strong reputable group as HÜBNER Photonics. We both share the same views and we are looking forward to the opportunity of growing the VALO laser product portfolio and accelerating our market access with the support of existing technical and sales expertise of HÜBNER Photonics and its partners.”


Background on femtosecond laser (fs laser)

Femtosecond lasers are lasers that emit light pulses whose duration is in the femtosecond range. A femtosecond is one of the smallest units associated with a second. Converted, a femtosecond corresponds to 0.000 000 000 001 second.