VDV Tram-Train: HÜBNER shows its strength as a system supplier with a wide product range - Additional major orders from Stadler

Stadler and the HÜBNER Group will be working more closely together on the VDV Tram-Train project. The HÜBNER Group companies HEMSCHEIDT Engineering and Kunststofftechnik Hennigsdorf (KTH) will now provide products and systems for 246 CITYLINK vehicles. In addition, the two companies have an option to supply components for as many as 258 additional vehicles. In the summer of 2022, HÜBNER already secured an order for up to 1,008 gangways for the project, together with a 32-year maintenance contract.

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In addition to the gangway systems, HÜBNER is supplying few more components from the group affiliates for Stadler’s CITYLINK vehicles in the VDV Tram-Train project. Illustration: Stadler

HÜBNER understands the train as an integrated system

“We are proud that our long-standing and very good partner Stadler has chosen HÜBNER with its wide-ranging product portfolio for the largest order in their company history,” says Christopher Sames, Vice President Global Sales Mobility Rail. “With the VDV Tram-Train project, we have been able to show our strength as a system supplier. HÜBNER understands the train as an integrated system.”


Torsion bars and special dampers from HEMSCHEIDT

For HEMSCHEIDT Engineering, the order from Stadler is the largest in the history of the company, which is headquartered in Feucht near Nuremberg, Germany. HEMSCHEIDT Engineering will be producing torsion bars for the bogies of 246 Stadler trains. In addition, special dampers will be provided for the upper articulation in the gangway systems. A 32-year maintenance contract with spare parts has also been concluded.


Window systems for 246 vehicles

Kunststofftechnik Hennigsdorf will be supplying 8,364 window systems for the VDV Tram-Train project through the year 2031, which will be installed in 246 vehicles. Except for the front wind screens, all windows including bonded and quick-change models will be provided by KTH for all of the vehicles. For this order there are also further options and service contracts.

It is the largest order for window systems that KTH has ever received. In addition, the safety and anti-trap profiles for the trains’ door systems – that will be supplied by the company Bode – come from HÜBNER’s Material Solutions business unit, to which KTH also belongs.



Strengths of the HÜBNER Group

“The fact that, in addition to HÜBNER and HEMSCHEIDT Engineering, Kunststofftechnik Hennigsdorf is also supplying outstanding products for the VDV Tram-Train underscores the strength of our group of companies. We are very pleased about these significant orders and see them as a foundation for further projects in which we can contribute our expertise backed up by a broad spectrum of products,” emphasizes Konrad Brimo, Vice President Global Sales Material Solutions.

Recently, a delegation from Stadler accepted the first gangway system for the VDV Tram-Train at a first-article inspection at the HÜBNER plant in Kassel. The gangway system consists of a double bellows with three air-conditioning ducts, a turning plate with floor covering as well as the radial articulation FX1500pro.


VDV Tram-Train project background

Stadler will be delivering up to 504 vehicles to six different transport companies from Germany and Austria in the VDV Tram-Train project. The award of the contract marks the commencement of a long-term partnership with the project consortium, which consists of Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe (VBK), Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (AVG), Saarbahn Netz, Schiene Oberösterreich, the State of Salzburg and Zweckverband Regional-Stadtbahn Neckar-Alb.

The first VDV Tram-Trains will be completed in the current year. The first test runs are scheduled to begin in 2024.

Over the next ten years, Stadler will produce 246 CITYLINK vehicles for the six operators. The first four vehicles will be delivered to the Saarbahn in 2024. The project consortium also has the option to order up to 258 additional vehicles.